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New website – Toronto Photography Seminar

The website of the Toronto Photography Seminar has been relaunched with an exciting new look. The site gives details of the wide range of photography-related activities developed over recent years by the Canadian partners of the Photographic Situation project. Included on the site is the programme of our forthcoming workshop on The Photographic Situation, which is taking place in Toronto on 21-22 September. The workshop will feature contributions from a number of contemporary scholars of photography studies, including David Campbell, Mark Reinhardt, Shawn Michelle Smith and John Tagg. Members of the project team will also be presenting their work and exploring different aspects of the project agenda. We will be blogging about the workshop both during and after the weekend’s activities. The workshop will prepare the ground for Doing Photography, an international conference to be hosted by the Durham (UK) partners of the project in January 2013. Full details of the Durham conference will follow this Autumn.